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Packard’s Tips! Help! There’s bologna in my CD drive! And other totally unexpected problems.

While the possibility of getting food in the CD drive is getting less likely, but still as it is a computer, unexpected things can still happen.  Here are some things that can go wrong and some ways to get them fixed.

One of the items I will touch on is iTunes on the Windows Vista platform. Here are a few troubleshooting tips. While I could give you all the tips but here are a couple just to get you started.

1. Create a New User Account.
When troubleshooting a variety of issues, it can be useful to determine if the issue affects a specific Windows user account or all accounts. This is a great trouble shooting other problems as well. If you have a program other than iTunes that isn’t working, doing this can help figure out if its something with the entire system or just your user account.  Name it something simple like Test account or the name of your cat if you want. But keep it uncluttered and unused for the most part. That way you can always delete the account and re create it without the worry of loosing anything important under that account.

2. Check for viruses!
Now as this issue is more of a Windows problem than Mac, viruses can interfere with a variety of computer functions. Make sure that you have current anti-virus software installed with updated virus definitions and use it to scan your system.

If your like many others out there that have migrated from I.E. to Firefox browser, you have found how out customizable it is and the extras you can add to it to make it do what you want. However suddenly after some tinkering when you were bored and weren’t really paying attention to what you have done, you go to your favorite website later or the next day after its shut down, you suddenly discover that the site is missing colors or graphics! What to do? Don’t panic!
Just follow these steps below and you should be fine once its all said and done.

1. First start Firefox in a “safe” mode. I have to admit that Windows makes this easier than Mac does. In Windows it’s in your start menu, then Mozilla folder then Firefox safe mode. This should disable your extensions you have installed. On the Mac go to Utilities (in the Applications folder) and open Terminal, then type the following  /Applications/ -safe-mode
(Make sure Firefox isn’t running at the time or you will get an error saying you can only run one copy at a time.

2. If this doesn’t work, try doing a complete uninstall of Firefox (Make sure you back up all your bookmarks first!  Make sure you download a new installer and save it to your hard drive first. That way you don’t have to go back to using I.E if you don’t want to. Then once you have done this reinstall the browser. This may solve your problems.

On a more touchy subject of all this, your Lime wire or Frost Wire has stopped working. First off, I should say that using torrents are NOT illegal, however with that said, downloading content from sites or others that contain copyrighted material is NOT legal But I’m not your mom or your dad, so the choice is yours.

1. Try uninstalling and reinstalling. While this is generally an obvious tip, try installing this on the test account you should have set up previously. If it doesn’t work there, then move to step 2.
2. As a lot of programs are now running on Java lately and this program is a good example of one that uses this to make it useful, try reinstalling your Java. Go to and download the latest.  It may warn you that you have the latest or a previous version when you go to reinstall. Sometimes viruses once removed can mess with it so a reinstall is in order anyway.

Well these are just a few tips on a few programs that tend to get a little flaky and need some help from tie to time. While these tips here may not solve your exact problems, it’s a good starting point. Oh and one other thing, keep the bologna away from the CD drive!



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