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Mooove it right along

Over the past weekend I recently visited one of our local fast food places, and while that is generally nothing special to write about, however on this particular visit I wasn’t looking for something to write about but while I was there, I took notice of something that many people would overlook. I have this interest, I wouldn’t cal it a hobby as hobbies cost money and this is free and sometimes rather entertaining.  I am a bit of what some might call a “people watcher” and will take notice of the things that people do in public. Their habits and idiosyncrasies are interesting. Well to me anyway. On this particular visit, I went to one of the many BK restaurants that are across the nation, however this one happened to be in my own town, but generally they have a similar set up. If you have ever been to one you notice that when you first walk in to these places they have special rails in which to control and  move their customers in and out quickly.  Now many of these places also have a spot which is usually left open so that their customers can come in quickly when the foot traffic is light so they don’t have to inconvenience their customers by having to walk around this path they they use.  At this point you may be saying “Yea, so what?” and if you look at it like that though the eyes of the mundane, then yes it will seem to be quite ordinary and uninteresting. On this particular day, I noticed something that many may have overlooked as a typical daily event of a family of four, two parents and two smaller children came in. Now the fast service end near the registers when you first walk in was wide open on this particular day when this family had walked in. That in it’s self isn’t that big of a deal. But what happened next and there after caught my attention.

Now as they entered the BK, as it had been the slow part of the day they had no one in front of them waiting to be served at that exact time. Instead of using this very obvious opening, they went all the way around and through the what I call the “cow maze” they give us to go though for the crowd control area.  The children who were in the ages of about six or maybe seven years of age, went along with the parents following them with blind obedience as they didn’t know that they could have just as easily taken the other option to the counter as they came in.

Shortly there after a older man and his two grandchildren ages about four or five came in and had started to do the same thing, take the “cow maze”, however they didn’t get to far in to it when I’m guessing the older one noticed that the chain which blocks this path was obviously missing, and not only proceeded to take that way instead but told his sibling that it was open. Not the exact words they used, but the message behind it was quite clear.

Why I found this interesting is that, in our society today there are a lot of different areas of our lives, there is always someone that wants to control us to some extent. As a culture we are finding this more and more ingrained  in us to just follow where someone else wants us to go especially when it comes to religion.

If people will blindly follow something as simple as rail in a restaurant thinking that they HAD to use this method for entry, and they never even questioned it or do it without thinking for themselves, how can people say that religion is more of a choice anymore when it’s more and more often being forced upon us at every turn? People get in to situations, which become habits, then before to long it has become the societal norm, and if you question it you are stepping out their established bounds on someone and they won’t like it.

Take the family of four that walked in for example. They were not told when they walked in that they HAD to use the long way around, they “just took it” and why, because in the past thats what they had done before and either they never knew they could do anything different. Am I blaming the BK here? No, they like every other busness have rules and procedures they follow and these rules are always changing to fit the needs of their business and their customers. However, are we as a culture so easily brainwashed by someplace which really has no power over us and is as benign as a BK?

However when it comes to religion, there are many people that think that it’s not about control when it clearly is. If you think about it, you go in where they want you to, they say what you HAVE to follow their rules. Here isn’t not much of a choice, you do it “their way”.  At least that the BK you get to have it “Your way”.

People in fancy clothes tell the masses that they HAVE to do something a particular way or they won’t get their burgers… Wait.. I mean they will go to hell.. Which the two are kinda interchangeable in that respect. Ok, the restaurant people have less fancy looking clothing then people that are religious do, but but the common ground here is that while one “moooving” you along to sell you a flamed broiled hamburger, the other is telling you that YOU will be flame broiled if you don’t follow THEIR instructions. For a long time BK has had the motto, “Have it your way!” which is in a way similar to Atheism, while religion says “Do it our way!”

The point here is, that you have to decide, do you want to be the one saying I want it flame broiled and walk away knowing that there really is no real “Burger King” or someone telling you YOU will be flame broiled because you don’t want to believe in their “burger king”?


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