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The Ten Commandments of Sonictology

Ok, maybe not commandments but some good suggestions at any rate. A while back I said I was going to come up with my own religion, which I have dubbed “Sonictology”*  I thought a good way to start out would be a my own version of the “Ten Commandments” that make sense. Well, at least to me they do anyway. Also it will pay taxes. No leaching off everyone else.



The Ten Commandments of Sonictology

1. Follow @Packard_Sonic on Twitter. Or not. It’s up to you. It’s your Twitter account follow who ever you want to.

2. Any other account that might claim to be me on twitter might be me or not.  These are the other ones that really are me, so if you want to follow them as well they are as follows: @PackardSonic, @Packard_Music, & @PackardPokesAt

3. If you Message me on Twitter be sure to at least type something after you type my name. I can’t read your mind!

4. Message me any time. Even on Sunday. It’s just another day of the week.

5. If you like what I have to say on Twitter, feel free to message me. That makes my day!

6. I ask that you don’t randomly delete your account if we have started a dialog.  It makes talking to you that much harder. However if you want to, who am I to stop you?

7. If you are going to talk dirty in the open on Twitter, I’m grabbing the popcorn!

8. Don’t use my twitter icon. Then again why would you even want to? It’s a picture of me after all. I wouldn’t wish this face on anyone else.

9. Please don’t make stuff up when you talk to me. I has “The Google” and can check your “facts”.

10. If you like a Tweet I did and want others to see it, please retweet them and add RT @Packard_Sonic . Well… You don’t HAVE to, but its good form and don’t say I didn’t ask nicely.


*Note This is just for fun and no actual religion has actually been established.


One Response to “The Ten Commandments of Sonictology”

  1. OMG TFF. Well done. And hey I like your pic…., so don’t diss my eye candy! 🙂

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