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Why do Christians always try the same arguments over and over again?

This morning I got in to a debate on my personal facebook page with someone that I wasn’t able to reply to as they had removed me from the page before I could defend myself. Well Being the tech person I am, I was able to directly reply to what they said and it turned in to a debate. I was so not impressed with his arguments and yes, I had to mock them a little as well. Then, when a gun was mentioned, I pretty much ended the conversation at that point. I took them to task on every point they made and deflected any that they may have intended to make as well. They were way too easy. They thought I would be an easy mark. They were wrong. Everything is pretty much exact, except for any spelling errors I corrected. There is some “Adult” language in here at the bottom. When they start swearing you know they already lost the discussion.


This is how it started I put ” ” on what they said to start off with so it helps with context of where it started out.


I’m going to answer you here as I was booted off the page to kept from replying.

“So how do you think you were created,”
I was created by my mom. I have evidence she exsisted.

“there are never atheists in a fox hole,”

Really? Thats a lie.

“its amazing that people can doubt the power of God”

What power? Show me something that I can test then we can talk. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” ~ Carl Sagan

“but when something bad happens they say there can’t be.a.god”

I say there is no god bad or good times. So what’s your excuse?

“or ask why would god do this to us,”

Yet people with your belief use the same reason to say that god shook Japan.

“your entitled to your own belief but don’t mock others of theirs.”

I have every right to mock you as you would mock anyone else that you don’t agree with. “People who don’t like their beliefs being laughed at shouldn’t have such funny beliefs.”

……It then continued….



Dude you have no idea who Iam, Iam a born again Christian who mock no one, you can be an atheists that’s fine, I know that when I die I will be in a glorious place. What happens to you when you die is your own destiny. I knew a guy who was an athiest his whole life until on his death bed did he renounce his wisdom and decided to walk with Christ then live in hell. The founding fathers built the constitution on their belief in god, its people like you that want to take god out of everything. Iam a DISCIPLE of Christ and there is nothing you can do about it. This is a Christian nation, and Iam praying for you.


I don’t care if you are a born again Christian or not. You don’t have any proof that you are going anywhere after you die, so why do you believe it? When I die I cease to exist just like you will and everyone else that has ever lived. There is no heaven. You need to grow up. Then your friend was never a true atheist to begin with. And these death bed confessions don’t impress me. Not one bit. I came in to this world an atheist, I will go out the same way. Again you are wrong, The founding fathers were dests. You need to crack open a book once in awhile and stop being spoon fed lies.

You can pray all you want to, it will have the same effect if you sat in a dark closet and talked to yourself. No one hears you then or now.



You quote Carl sagan, show me proof that this universe was created by the big bang. Here is proof, 1992 Astronomy magazine the hubble space telescope stated thAt when it was time to look through it scientists who believed in the big bang theory were scared that they would see the face of god, explain that please.



You can spout all the religious lies you want to, I have facts. Something you don’t have. When you grow up and realize this then maybe you will have your mind open to that.


Show you proof? You believe a god exists you are the one that needs to show the proof. Secondly I could send you all kinds of proof, all day and night. that shows explained repeatable testable evidence to that fact yet you most likely would ignore it. There is no face of god. Then you need to explain why that over 90% of scientists are Atheists. Any scientist that says there is a god, I wouldn’t trust them with a laboratory set for 12 year olds.


I have taken on lots of “believers” and if you think you can say anything now that is going to scare me, you can just think twice as it’s not going to happen. Oh and don’t try that If you just believe stuff or the if you don’t believe you will burn in hell, telling an Atheist they are going to hell is like telling a christian that you are going to narnea. We don’t care.


When it comes to this, you are already intellectually outmatched. I have facts. Show me PROOF your god exists. Looking outside seeing trees, birds, whatever you want to come up with isn’t proof. Thats nature. It formed naturally. Pick up a book and read how evolution works.


If you think Science is wrong, then you need to put your computer back in the box and take it back to the store. It was built using science. If you are running Windows, you should know this that an Atheist made it.


If you show me HARD PROOF that your god exists, then I might change my mind, so unlike you, my mind is open. But until then, what you believe is nothing but a lie and I will continue to think so until new and credible information comes along.


How about this you believe what you want and I will do the same, I have proof that my god exists, when a friend of mine was diaganosed with terminal cancer and was given 2 months to live, after accepting.g his fate he decided to thank god for his short time on earth. 1 month later at a doctors appointment he was shocked to find out that the.cancer was gone. The doctors were so shocked they tested him 3 times so either your going to say not true or it was just a freak of nature. I know he was healed, I don’t go around mocking atheists, its funny you say that cause Iam sure you or someone you know drives around this area mocking Christians for their faith on a truck well if you ever see my truck it says JESUS SAVES.


I bet you thought when you replied, I wouldn’t be able to defend myself. Well buddy, you were wrong again.



You have proof? Show me the proof! So your fiend got better? Thats your proof? HAHAHA Think about this then, lets say 10 people with the same cancer are going to die. one survives, the others 9 don’t. 1 out of nine is pretty bad odds. I wouldn’t take that kind of odds at Vegas! Does Jesus save at Citi bank too? LOL Your jesus is a lie and totally made up. If you are uninformed as I imagine you are, you apparently don’t realize that the story of jesus is a copy of other pagan stories.

Now you are going to say next that the devil went back in time to place all that stuff there so we don’t believe it. Well buddy, if thats true then your god must not be as powerful as you think he is. If the devil could go back in time, was god to busy or forgot or wasn’t able to go back in time too to stop him?


Them: (This is where he started typing in caps, so I knew he was already starting to loose it.)

IAM NOT DOUBTING SCIENCE, I HAVE A DEGREE IN ASTRO PHYSICS FROM A DIVISION 1 SCHOOL. BUT IAM STILL A CHRISTIAN, YOU CAN POST WHATEVER YOU WANT, IT’S SAd that your so angry with people. You post shit just to get people upset well I’m not upset so you lose.


Them: ( This is where the gun is mentioned.)

The only time you won’t be able to defend yourself is when you throw the first punch unless you bring a gun.



You have a degree in Astro physics? And you believe this crap you are spouting? What do you use it for toilet paper? What a waste of money and time was spent on you then. I’m angry with people? I do get angry when I don’t get the chance to reply and defend myself as anyone else would. I don’t post shit to upset people. Thats where you are wrong and thats another very Christian thing to do, when loosing claim victory anyway. LOL By doing that you already lost.


Really Atheist throw the first punch? When you go around claiming there is a god and people HAVE TO believe it, you already threw the first punch, we are blocking it with reason. Really? I used words. Show me my gun. If you consider words a gun then rat a tat tat. Did it kill you? No, because they are words. Besides I never mentioned a gun. You did. How very Christian of you to incite violence just like other believers do when they can’t get their way. Ever thought of becoming Muslim? You already starting down the road of hate, why not make it a full swing right in to the hate camp with the rest of them! LOL BTW Muslims also have crazy religion as well. I would stand up to any one of them with my words as I did to you. So punch all you like, we are not going away anytime soon.


BTW I will be posting a copy of this on Atheist forums I visit (I will take your name off of it so you don’t get more people with reason to visit you and tell you how lame you are) I would like to say this was a good exercise for me, but really you weren’t much of a challenge. YAWN!!


Thats where it ended there. I guess I embarrassed the them enough. But I am true to my word and kept their name off of it.  I do wonder if they will do the Christian thing, claim victory and add in crap that was never there to begin with and claim they set me straight or whatever.  When I said it wasn’t much of a challenge, it really wasn’t. Try harder next time.


4 Responses to “Why do Christians always try the same arguments over and over again?”

  1. I don’t think you can change someone’s opinion by arguing. I talked to an atheist once about the huge number of different ways a hemoglobin molecule could be formed (21 to the power 1200), only a tiny number of which were any good, and all he would say was “it’s selected for!”

    about the cohesive colour balance on animal markings his eyes boggled and he grinned, “it’s selected for!”

    every polite question I asked was replied with “it’s selected for! it’s selected for!” and the same annoying grin and the same strange boggle eyes.

    I considered him a fanatic and politely went my way. so i know exactly what you mean!

  2. Yea I was not looking for an argument with this person, but trying to defend what I know and understand. They took it as a challenge to them being a christian and their perceived authority because of what they believe. Right at the end you can see he lost it, as he figured out his arguments of god authority had no power over me.

    Thanks for the feed back. 🙂

  3. d Packard_Sonic : Regarding the diatribe on your blog w/ the . . . christian on FB, I’ll be pumping opinions your way all day. To begin with, you have the patience of a saint. So, send me your right pinky. You’ll be deified SOMEday. I’ve had my tussles with the #Thumpers, as I refer to christians.

    I don’t spend that much time on Facebook, because that’s where all the nutz end up, yourself excluded, of course. Remember the mother who was ‘feeding’ her cows? Her infant was crying & mommie bashed the little bugger in the head & went back to her virtual ‘farm.’ I have a covert FB acct under Ianoulla Astakos. That’s my name in Greek. It pretty much insures that not just anyone can ‘friend’ me. Back to the #thumper.

    1) My first problem w/ thumpers is the paucity of their intellect. They read one book. Or they read books about that one book. You don’t show up for a war with one gun. I would submit that the same logic applies to the thumpers. I believe they are ‘afraid’ of knowledge, as the bible tells them knowledge is evil. Maybe Darth Vadar wrote the bible.

    2) Since thumpers only read one poorly edited & written book, their grammar is ATROCIOUS. As I am a grammar Nazi, this really gets my toga in a twist. A degree in Astro Physics? This person is apparently watching way too much of the #Jetsons. Or perhaps they were just flat out LIEING. Facts & grammar. I demand them for an astute debate or discussion.

    3) Loved your line “I wouldn’t trust God in a Lab w/ a bunch of 12 yo’s.” Excellent. “‘Suffer’ the little children unto me.'” Yes, God has made untold billions of children to suffer, if I’m interpreting that line correctly. And I believe I am . . . in the literal sense, w/c is how most thumpers view the bible.

    4) I would’ve loved to throw this shit in ur thumper’s face: Look at how many WARs have been fought in the name of God! And it’s STILL happening. Name me ONE war started by a bunch of atheists.

    6) narne? (sp?) is that a disease? Narnia is the correct spelling & THAT book is just as bad as the bible. With it’s ‘Jesus’ lion; demonization of women. Figure’s he would cite such an atrocious piece of drivel.

    7) Yup. Scare a christian and out come the guns. Where’s the ‘peace,’ man? Guns and God have become to familiar. It is absurd that we still live in a world where we start wars based on ephemeral fantasies.

    8) Proof. It wanted proof. Has it not heard of mystical cloisters filled with free knowledge. They’re called libraries! And, yes, he should send his computer back until he learns how to read and write properly. THEN he can has computer. But only under your supervision.

    I, too, have been ‘dragged’ into tussles with the thumpers. I’m frankly surprised he didn’t hurl these epithets at you: Nazi, pinko, faggot, cunt, whore, idiot, commie, left wing nut job. I’ve been called all that and more by christians. All I say in return is what you have said: That’s not very Christian of you.

    Kudo’s to you Packard. Well done, and thank you for sharing it with all of us. This blog entry is like a primer as to how to debate a thumper!

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