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Where Packard and hoyty toyty met

Well another weekend vacation has come and gone for another year. Again went to Wisconsin Dells, and was almost hoping to get bothered by one of those street preachers, but alas it did not happen. Well in this instance it was accidentally on purpose. Ok, that does need to be somewhat explained. The first day we got here was because I had gotten 3 free tickets to one of the local water parks via my local cell company for getting a line for my oldest daughter. Which due to work made the day much shorter and I was not happy with to say the least! However, they only had two or three really fun things to do there and we ended up leaving after several hours there. I was expecting more I guess, but it was worth the price I paid. Almost nothing. The second day we really weren’t sure what we were going to do when my older sister chimed in and said “I have three all day free passes to Noah’s Ark.” When I was a kid I used to bike out to this park all the way from the town I lived in just to see this place. Of course there are far more water rides there now then when I was a kid, so there was much more to see. So my kids and I spent a good portion of our day there. While there were still several hours left before the park was to close for the day I had pretty much had it with all the walking around you have to do there. I was in serious pain by this point from it and ready to have my feet under a set of wheels. Now a few rides there you had to wait for up to 30 mins to ride that lasted a whole two mins or less. However, they were fun. We then went to the exhibit called “Robot World” it’s science mixed in with tourism. Oh yea… More walking. At least this time it was mostly down hill. LOL

My youngest daughter wanted crab legs so we stopped at the first seafood restaurant we came to afterwards. Big mistake!!! For crab legs they wanted $44.00! Ummm what? No. Sorry. But, we stayed and had a slightly less expensive items on the menu which were over $10.00 for a simple meal at most places you would pay half or less for. Which between three people was still quite expensive. My oldest daughter noticed afterwards that while they charged ghastly amounts for the items they had, there should have been playing some much better music there at least! The kind you would think a “fancy expensive” restaurant should be playing anyway. Most every one in there was dressed pretty nice and I was so far removed from dressed nice. A t-shirt with a few small holes in it and shorts. Oh, I was as out of place there as a mouse at a cat convention. Nevertheless I was not going to be pressured to act any different then I normally would. My oldest daughter did succumb to it to a small degree, she ate her French fries with a fork. LOL! I was able to maintain who was despite the surroundings I was in at the time. They say that having money changes people. Not that I had acquired a large amount as I had been saving all year to go on vacation, so I could enjoy myself while I was there in the Dells. But, after meeting the well to do on their own “playground” I feel that if that were to happen that I should suddenly get a large amount of money from a lottery or the like, I don’t see it would be able to change who I am. I wonder how many others can say the same?


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