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The Chupacabra is in the house!

Well during the day today, I woke up with an unexpected surprise. Yet another mouse was caught in my house. I was in a bit of a hurry to get to court this morning as I had stated in the two previous posts. However, I had an unexpected event happen once I left. When I checked the trap the mouse appeared to be quite dead. In fact I’m quite sure it was dead. I had time between in the hearing to come home for a brief time to charge my phone. and I neglected to remove the critter right away. I would take care of it once I retuned home after court. Dealing with a dead mouse is not something I enjoy doing. When I got home i went to remove it and the trap was gone. I thought that maybe the kids had gotten brave and did it themselves. This was not to be the case! After looking around the kitchen it appeared that the trap was dragged to the sink and when i pulled it out the mouse corpse was missing! Ok this was a little creepy! Apparently I have something in my house that likes the taste of dead bodies. So I have now reset my rat trap and baited it. I wonder what I will catch in that?

I should note that I don’t think there is a real chupacabra in my house, but that mouse trap didn’t empty itself! I just wonder if I have a bigger mouse that took the body and ate it or perhaps a bigger animal is in here too.


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