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Your Witness part 1

This is an interesting day for me. I’m taking part in a court case which I’m a witness in this particular case. Very strange being on this side of the case. For the prosecution. I’m no stranger to dealing with the courts a couple times as the defendant in a few and once so far as being part of a jury. But the first time as a witness. The case I’m involved with is one of a serious nature. As of the time of me writing this I’m in the same exact court room I was a juror in. Talk about the random selection. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket next? Na. Currently waiting in the courtroom for jury selection to see who knows who and see who stays, who goes, and who is the alternates. I went through this process from the jury box previously. The case has been in the process of getting it’s act together for several months now. For this particular one I was served three times to be a witness. Why three? The first two times the case was rescheduled and had to wait for most of the year for this date to come. The trial is supposed to be at least four days. However, my part of it will hopefully done today. Not that I wouldn’t mind skipping work with a real good excuse, but it’s not going to happen. The judge just entered the room. The defendants lawyer and prosecutor are now going back and forth on some video taped recording that a mic accidentally picked up. Now talking about opening statements how witnesses won’t be present for them. Both get to strike five jurors. I know this may be a bit dry for you however, taking part in this is all new for me but, I’ll try not to bore you to tears. Lol.

Still awaiting the jury selection at this point and having discussions with the others that I’m involved in the case with. Not talking about the case, but general chit chat.

The defendant just entered the room.

Still waiting…. Just an observation here the courts are a lot like everything else. Hurry up and wait. And so we wait.

I have the option of after I testify to stay in the courtroom or leave.

Jury coming in now.

So far I don’t recognize anyone in the jury pool. However, as I have a face a lot of people somehow just seem to know I wonder if anyone will say they know me?

The jury is taking the religious oath. (facepalm) I think I heard one of the jurors say “amen” instead of I do.

The judge is giving instructions to the jury now and the possible alternates. Nearly half hour later.

Just introduced to the jury along with other witnesses.

So far the jurors are recognizing others. Mainly the professionals in the case. Not me at least. (I’d be talking to my publicist if I had one. Lol)

The prosecutor is now addressing the jury.

The questions they ask trying to whittle down the jury pool by asking some in depth questions.

Some of the questions being asked are if they had anything related to the case in their past.

So far I think two of the jurors may be dismissed.

One juror has just been excused from the pool and an alternate has just stepped in.

Oh bonus. One of the jurors is a retired priest. In relation to this case I don’t think he would be a good person for this.

Third person just just admitted that if the defendant is in court he did it. And he just got excused. Alternate number two in the batting box. (Really all is missing is the cage to make it a batting box. Ok, that and a baseball diamond.)

The prosecutor just got the jury to laugh. Very unusual tactic. But a good one!

The defense is now asking questions. Took a lot less time than the prosecution did.

They are now going through who they want to kick off the pool.

Of of the alternates has such a variety of experiences going on in his past I think he my be excused from the pool. Although there is no water and not wearing swimwear, the whole notion of a “pool” is an interesting way to look at it.

The bailiff just had to sush two alternate jurors.

Already at the two hour mark and the lawyers have come to an agreement to who will be let go.

Looks like the priest got on the jury. This won’t end well.

Now on break. Was sequestered to the DA’s office for a short time.


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