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Your Witness part 2

Back at court. Talking with the DA before we go back in.

First witness in this case I’m involved with just left the DA’s office to go into court.

They do have some rather comfortable chairs in this waiting room. And full cable access! Wish my living room was this nice.

Nearly an hour later now from when I got back to the courthouse and witness two going up now.

Still waiting right now.

Well another hour has past at the time of this writing and I’m finally going to be testifying before too long.

Looks like there is yet another break.

As I was waiting for my turn in the box I seen the other two witnesses in this case coming out with tears in their eyes.

The defense from what understand is a real prick of a personality.

Which for the defense is rather unusual.

Just got a few last min questions from the prosecutor, before I go in. Again nothing that might hurt me in anyway or the case hopefully.

So I sit here waiting and wondering what he will come up with to try to break me?

In the courtroom now waiting for court to resume.

Right now, the only people here in the courtroom so far besides myself is a bailiff a couple of officers, the defendant and a friend of one of the other witnesses.

I’m not sure how damaging to the defendants testimony I’m going to be, but I will do what I need to do because it’s the right thing to do.

Well just got done testifying. The defense didn’t even ruffle me in the least! Sad. I was really expecting more of an attack from what I was told about him.

Well I won’t know the outcome of this case for several days yet. I will post again once I do.


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