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Going Militant #Atheist During Atheist Week 2012

Yes, you read that right. I went militant atheist this week. As this week was Atheist week, I decided I wasn’t going to let the so called religious people at work steer the conversation towards that side any longer.

With people posting stuff they had printed out from home, filled with messages about how “good god was” or some story bringing the conversation to make it look like their god is so great.  Enough was enough! I stepped out of the shadows to show them that they didn’t control the world! Well at least not this part of it anyway.

I had discreetly posted a few things I printed out and hung them up for everyone to see.

The final outcome of my posting was faster than I had expected. Which goes to show just how uptight and stuck in their myths they are entrenched.  I will admit that I didn’t take credit for posting the things I printed out, but I was quite thoroughly accused of it w/o hard evidence (Which they are quick to do now a days). I did however get a “talking to, even though I admitted to nothing and told them that while I was used to being the whipping boy over such things, that if it saves someone else I was glad to do it and told them that I wasn’t the only Atheist that works there but I would not name names as it was not place to out them.

The outcome I was hoping for was simple that people would get to talk, communicate and possibly that others that work there that were closeted Atheists would know that they were not alone. Especially this week.

However, that was not the outcome I got. But The end result was still a positive one regardless.

Now due to the “Sh*t storm” this created well at least according to the early morning dispatcher I deal with still asked me if I did it, and I told him flat out “No”. Ok, its a lie. I know that. But in this world filled with over zealous Christians just looking for any excuse to put the axe to us any way they can, I wasn’t ready to go that far. Not just yet. I still have to eat and feed my family so do you really blame me for telling them a fib in this instance? And for the record, its the first time I ever lied to them about ANYTHING! And quite frankly It doesn’t bother me. At least not in regards to this event.

I had continued switching the postings in the morning up until Wednesday morning when I got confronted by my manager.

By today (Thursday morning) I was planning on posting one more things, the original title of the posting was going to be “Since when did god have a problem killing babies” and a bunch of scriptures that supported it.  But after being confronted I thought I would be a bit more subtle about it. Use the same scriptures but use a different title “Gods Love”

Here is the button I was taking the scriptures from:

Here is the recreated one with the new title:

Same scriptures. However by the time I had this made, I found out that the “Sh*t storm” that the postings created, the outcome was now no one could post anything in the drivers room without approval from the terminal manager. Some may say, that takes away any fun stuff that someone might bring. Well, that is one way to look at it, but the other is that now included in that, now no one can post ANY religious materials in there either. Neither for or against religion.

The conversation has now been muted from the Atheist side of thing, but it has also silenced the religious side as well. I call that balance and that is still a WIN in my book!

Now my workplace will be free from religious dogma from now on, and if I never post another Atheist type posting either; I can live with that. It’s more so that the Christians are the ones that will be brooding more now that the forum for pushing their dogma is now closed off and that makes them angry.

Well I have one thing to say about that… TOUGH! Keep your religion to yourself! The rest of us don’t want to hear about it. Your faith or god is not something I want to listen to in anyway, and others as well but may have been to scared to say anything out of fear for their jobs or being ostracized by others.  I’ve been an outside my whole life. This is nothing that is new to me so it affects me little if that happens.

Plus when when we have to talk about this, and their beliefs are challenged they run away and cry foul when we fight back.

Well no more. At least not in my part of the world you won’t anymore.

Your dogma is dead there as it should be.  There and everywhere else.



One Response to “Going Militant #Atheist During Atheist Week 2012”

  1. You started discussion, you made people think and left in a safer and more neutral work environment!

    Kudos, atheist!!!!

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