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Reply to a Christian friend’s email

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I have been taking some time going over what you said, and I think there are some things that really need to be cleared up here and go though this a little at a time. I was also planning on going to ask you to appear on my show at some point to refute some of the claims that you believe in currently, but I know you well enough to know that you would just say that ”I’m too busy” In which case, I can understand that.

I put a lot of thought in the last several days on how I was going to reply to your email, and I hope you read it all the way though and don’t have a knee jerk reaction to what I am going to say and bear in mind I took your feelings in to account when I was composing this, because I could have really gone after a lot of what you said with a lot more fervor, so trust me when I said this is taking it easy on you.

Which brings me to what you wrote…

On 07/30/13 7:57 PM, D wrote:


“i did watch one of your videos, but have been incredibly busy. summers are very busy for us at work and i have little time for anything besides work and when i’m not doing that, i’m spending time with the family. it usually slows down in the fall though. “

Ok, Everything here is in exact context to what you said in your email and I will be bringing this up again here shortly.

“After seeing your video and reading the many posts on Facebook, I am a little shocked.”

About what? Please specify what shocked you exactly?

“You are right…I don’t really agree with your actions.”

And what “Actions” are you referring to here? Did I rob a bank? Rob someone? Kill someone? What actions are you referring to?

“Not because of what you believe, (because anyone has the right to believe what they want) but because of your devotion.”

My devotion? Like your devotion to religion? You said not because of what I believe, well that’s where I need to correct you, Atheism is not a belief; it’s a lack of belief.  Should I have the same distain for your devotion to religion?

“If there is one thing i have learned over the years…it is BALANCE.”

And tell me exactly why you think I don’t have balance in my life? Is it because I have made videos and posted them on line? For the last several years I have had full custody of my children, and I spend time with them whenever I can. I don’t take extra jobs out of state so I can be near them and spend time with them. Can you truly say the same in that regard?

“Anyone…christian, Moslem, “ Have to jump in here and correct this, if you are going to talk about a group of people you need to spell it like this -> Muslim.  Sorry, it was bugging me.

“Buddhist, atheist…that devotes their life to something and makes no room for anything else, is out of balance and therefore totally out of sync”

Remember when I said I would be bringing up what you said at the beginning?

You said: “summers are very busy for us at work and i have little time for anything besides work and when i’m not doing that, i’m spending time with the family.”

It seems that you don’t have time for anything else either, are you going to judge yourself based on the same terms you seem to be judging me here or are you exempt from that or would you consider yourself “out of sync” here as well?

“with anyone around them except for the people that agree with them.

that is dangerous ground.”

Then, by that same standard you have given, that anyone that goes to a football game, baseball game, chess club, or church is on dangerous ground according to you.

How about the people mentioned here?

“Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Are they on “Dangerous ground” as well?

Let me clue you in on something, humans are social animals, and we all need to connect with others to make us who we are and to enjoy life.  I would not condemn you for wanting to go to church the way you have already condemned me for wanting to be around others that I enjoy talking to and having discussions with.  I should also mention here that the ONLY thing that Atheists have in common is the fact they don’t believe in a god or any gods. That’s it. EVERTYTHING else is up for grabs. We don’t all agree on everything, just that one thing.

“especially for those that bash other people’s beliefs/lifestyles.”

You mean like the way religion bashes gay people for loving someone of the same gender? Or how about the way they bash and give death threats to Atheists for not believing in a deity of any kind? You mean like that? Or is it “ok” for religious people to bash others because they “believe that’s what the bible tells them”?  Please don’t say, “They aren’t “real Christians”” because who are you to say who is and isn’t?

“if you only feed on the opinions of those that agree with you, you will get stuck in a rut and be blinded to the truth of humanity.”

So, by this statement you should really be watching more of my videos as they are something that you don’t agree with or do you only watch videos of which you agree with, if you only watch videos of which you agree with, then you have really no right to even state this to begin with. And again, this is religion. Religion does not contain truth. It contains lies made up by others for control. How? For an example, you are SO AFRAID of what others will think of you that you are AFRAID to even respond to me on Facebook.  I can talk to ANYONE on Facebook, where it be a Christian, republican, Muslim or another Atheist without worrying about who is going to “put me out of the club” because I had a conversation with them. I know when you have seen my messages to you, yet you are still afraid of what your friends and others will say or what they may think about you by acknowledging that you have a friend that’s an Atheist. So please, don’t tell me that you are too busy to respond to a post as I have seen you post stuff and not reply to me at all publicly in any way.

“I know this first hand. “

And I was also involved with religion as well as you recall.  If this is not what you mean, please clarify.

“I will be the first to tell you that most christians are hypocrites and do more religious bashing that most other groups.“

On this we can mostly agree. Moving on..

“But they are still people, and all people the same common denominators. Psychology will tell you that.”

Never said that they weren’t people, and I have taken psychology and I know a lot more about the subject than you suspect.

“I know you have a little following,”

Well thanks for belittling my efforts to become rich and famous! Going to cry now.. Just kidding. Yes, I do have a following, but think about that for just a moment, didn’t jesus start with a little following? Hmmmm…. And NO I’m not comparing myself to jesus. I actually exist.

“and have put a lot of time and effort into what you do,”

Not as much time as you may seem to think, as I do have a job and two daughters to cook and clean for and maintain the house alone w no wife to do all the other stuff, But I digress…

“but at this point in my life, I am more impressed with people that put time and effort into helping humanity and making this world a better place.”

So are you saying that you are not impressed with yourself at all? If all you do is go to work spend time with the family and go to church, what do you do to help make this a “better place”? Truly who are you to say what I do is not doing that? Have you watched all my shows to see what I stand up for?  I speak out against injustice in any form no matter who it is. Just because it’s not polishing the pastors pole, doesn’t mean its not doing something or making it a better place.

“Not cutting others down and trying to find fault in everyone’s lives/beliefs.”

This is religion again, and what they do. They find fault in the lives of others because of their own religious beliefs. I don’t do that. How someone decides to live their life is up to them, unless they try to force their beliefs on to me.  With that said, I do not and will not respect a “belief”. Should I respect the “beliefs” of Charles Manson or how about the “beliefs” of Jeffery Dahmer? Do their “beliefs” garner respect as well? You as a person I can respect though.

Please show me an example where I personally put down someone. Now with that said, if someone makes a video, is in the news or is a public figure then any criticism is fair and open game its called the first amendment. Are you saying that I shouldn’t be able to exercise that first amendment right because it’s something that you don’t like?

“I’m not pretending to know what you do in your spare time.”

What I do in my spare time here is irrelevant.  If I make videos, or anything else does not define just who I am.

“Maybe you run a homeless shelter or do car washes for the cancer patients.”

The first would be difficult and costly as I work for a living to just get by.  As for the second, I have a hard enough time organizing the people just on my show. With that said, just because I’m not organizing a car wash for cancer patients doesn’t mean the type of activism I do isn’t just as worthwhile. Your comment here is called a red herring by the way and really has no bearing here.

“If so, then forgive me, but in my experience in studying people, from the research i see on your videos/websites,”

On my videos? How many again did you say you watched that you got all this from? Let me see….. Oh yes, you said: “i did watch one of your videos”. One video. You summed up every thing I have done by one video. Plus you didn’t even bother to mention which video you are referring to. Watching just one video doesn’t give you the bigger picture, in the scientific community that’s known as a bad sampling. You should watch the other work I have done to date. Maybe if you do, that will show you what I have done and get to know me a little better of what I stand up for.

“i have an inkling that you spend the majority of your time behind the computer trying to find loop-holes in Christianity”

My friend, I don’t spend a lot of time in front of the computer, I do have a day job and 2 kids I interact with daily. And by the way, they are not “loop holes” when we went to church together while you were doing whatever, I was paying attention and I had questions. And what I discovered are not “loop holes”. These are full blown irregularities and inconsistencies that cannot be ignored. If you ignore them they are not going to go away. If you stand on a railroad track and turn your back to the oncoming train, does it go away too? No it doesn’t. First of all I am not taking anything out of the bible out of context, this is in the exact context it’s in. I have been studying the bible very closely; I really wish you would too, you might come to the same conclusions I have. You are a smart man I know this about you. So please look into what I have done, you might start seeing things differently and I’m here and willing to talk to you or even have an open discussion with you about it if you feel so incline.

“and posting clever jabs for your close-minded, self absorbed following to snicker at.

Not a fan.”

Now who here is being closed minded? You watched “one video” by your own admission, and claim to be open-minded? That’s truly being dishonest.  The Atheists I know along with myself have read the bible and have said many times that if a “god” were to prove itself, they would change their minds in a heartbeat. That’s not being “close-minded” and as for the snickering part, I remember quite a few times that you snickered or smirked at someone for believing something that you didn’t a time or two. Plus you are afraid of what your friends on Facebook would say if you spoke to me publically, so I think the people that follow you there are truly the closed minded people that you are thinking of, not Atheists. And what about people that believe in UFO’s or Bigfoot, how about leprechauns? Would you be laughing at them for their beliefs or would you say you believe as well?

“I know you. You are very ambitious and if you set your mind to anything, you can accomplish it. I hope someday it will be for something great.”

I am doing something great. Again, you belittle my work because it doesn’t fit your mold of what is acceptable. I am being active and creating content to help bring education to everyone and hopefully they learn more about religion and how truly dangerous it is. To me that’s something great. And that’s whom all it matters to. Just because its not the next iPhone or a bio discovery that cures cancer doesn’t mean what I am doing doesn’t matter.  And for the record, every day that I go out, I try to get someone, anyone to laugh or smile if I can. Do you know why I do that? It’s because I like to see people happy. I reach out to others and try to help them when I can. Where it is knowledge and helping them with a problem or just a way to get them to smile, even if it’s just for a moment, I did something great for someone else.

“I’ll always be your friend….-D”

Regardless how you feel after reading this, I am still your friend and please if you truly are my friend, don’t be afraid to interact with me in a public forum like Facebook.

As the saying goes, “Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.”

In this case are you the friend that will only talk to me on here in private or in Facebook public?



One Response to “Reply to a Christian friend’s email”

  1. I find it interesting how easily this fellow, like so many believers, seems to believe he can read minds and know things about how you live that he could not possibly know..
    But that is religion, pretending to know things that it does not and can not know.

    This person has no idea what is strongly indicated by him refusing to answer you in a public forum. That clearly indicates he is afraid of the opinions of other people AND that he is not a particularly honest person.

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