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Why do you report speed traps?

I have been asked this questions several times now, and I thought instead of trying to fit my reasoning in to 140 charters on Twitter, I figured here was best.

There is an old question that you may or may not of heard, “Who watches the watchers?” Well in this instance it’s us! We need to be vigilant in watching the people that are “sworn to protect us” even if it’s from ourselves. This is not something a few people out there do because they have a grudge against the police, but it is our right and our duty as Americans to keep our police in check, without us doing that it will be one day it’s hiding in the dark to catch speeders then the next its breaking our civil rights to do who know what to us without just or cause. Don’t think for a moment it hasn’t happened, because on more times than not, the police have done just that to us and gotten away with it, but thats changing slowly with the help of people like myself that stand up for our rights.

Police hiding in the dark to catch speeders is to me no different than a robber in the bushes preparing to strike upon their victim in the night. More on that here –>

The argument I often get back is, that they are just doing their job. Well thats true to a point. They are doing their job, but with a little hitch. They are told they HAVE to stop X number of people in a given month, or they may get in trouble with their superiors. This is basically called a “Quota”. If you have worked anywhere that there is any type of production, there is always an amount you need to make that would be your quota. Cops are doing the same thing, and up until recently cops and poliece departments out right denied having any soft of quita system at all. Any government agency that requires to go after us to make a quota, is not acting in my best interest, mine or yours. They are there to generate one thing, and it’s not just safety, it’s revenue! People go on about not trusting everything that the government is doing, well that also goes all the way down the chain of command to the cop on the beat.

I have also heard “I have nothing to hide, so if I get stopped, I did something wrong and I will have to pay the price.”  While in many cases thats true, except that just because they wear a badge, that doesn’t mean that person is above reproach when it comes to the truth! These people are TRAINED TO LIE! To get you to admit to things to get a better conviction that will generate more revine for their city, county, or state! If you are unfortunate enough to happen to run in to one the worst of the bad apples that are out there, they can plant something in your car or someplace that make it look like it had belonged to you, and if you already gave them full access to your car, you have already given up your rights there! When you go to court, assuming you get a fair judge and prosecutor, they are not just there to uphold your rights they too are there to generate revenue for their city or county.  As someone that is out a lot and in many places, I too have seen police speeding down the road and for no other reason other than they were possibly late to work and if they are in a patrol car, that many act that they are above the law or that they ARE the law and are untouchable.

I know that many men and women alike don’t go into law enforcement just because they feel they have something to prove or want to keep their “jock mentality” intact, but actually want to do right by their fellow citizens. For those few, I thank them. But for the ones that hide in the dark and look for speeders and hide in the dark, to fill a quota, when I see you, I will be reporting your speed traps hiding places to as many people as I can!

We the citizens are watching the watchers!

If you own an iPhone, I suggest get the following FREE app called Trapster.

I am not getting anything back from the maker of this app other than I believe its the best one out there in my opinion.


3 Responses to “Why do you report speed traps?”

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  2. I’ve experienced a few speed traps in my day. The worst was about 1:00 AM in Georgia. The patrolman was kind enough to allow me to pay my fine on the spot. To this day, I wonder whether it went to his personal pension fund.

  3. I strongly agree about citizens keeping law enforcement officials in check. Although there are some cops out there that are dedicated to upholding the law, there are many, many more who abuse their power for their own purpose. Texas is infested with speed traps & the officers here are proud of this fact. It is not unusual to see a cop speeding while he is off duty or late for work on his way back from a long lunch. It’s our duty as citizens to look out for one another in order to preserve our civil rights & prevent the abuse of authority! I think Trapster is a great app & that we should should exercise every mechanism to ensure that police do not hide behind the badge! I’m so glad that you spoke up on this important subject. People should not be afraid to look out for each other & keep a close eye on law enforecement.Thank you for blogging about this issue!

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