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Why I don’t follow everyone back on Twitter

Quite often I get requests to follow someone back on Twitter, and if you want me to follow back, here is what I mostly look for and some of the reasons why I won’t follow everyone back.

1.  While many people try to “follow” everyone else around them that follows them back, many of them don’t  (I’m guessing) actually read all the back tweets they get. I actually read all my tweets that I get, and many days I am gone for an unknown amount of time due to the type of work that I do. If I were to follow everyone back that follows me, my time line would be so hard to catch up to that I would eventually get so far behind that reading and responding to everyone would be impossible.

2. I do follow a number of people now, and if you want me to follow you back, I do base doing that on a few things. When we tweet about something hopefully we find something in common to talk about. I have quite a few people that I follow on that basis. If I have tweeted about something and gotten a good conversation going, I have found you to be someone that like me reads and responds to their tweet messages. Talking to some one that doesn’t respond back isn’t any fun.

3. As I have said on my Twitter profile, I am a bit of a news junky, and I like to find good news stories that the “big stations” miss or don’t think are noteworthy and I like to share my findings with all of my followers and friends. If you are following me, that you know that I do send out a lot of news articles.

4. Should you request me to follow back, I will take a look at your timeline and see if that what you tweet about is value to me and something you say that I feel can be re-tweeted. I do RT the people I follow when I see something you have said that really made an impact on me, in any number of ways, wether it was something useful or just down right funny!

5. Don’t feel afraid to ask for a follow back, and if we have chatted in the past and I didn’t follow back, please ask again, I do get quite busy and I forget to occasionally.

Thanks for your understanding and if you should decide to follow me back, I hope you find my tweets of value to you as well!


Packard Sonic


Due to some recent events and some very over agressive people on twitter I had to add a few more reasons I will not follow someone back.

6. I  call this group of people “The beggars”: Randomly messaging me and saying “Follow back!!”. This will most likely NOT get you a follow back. At least not by me. I choose who I follow back for my own reasons. If you have something worth reading on your posts tell me about it please don’t beg for a follow, that just looks desperate.

7. The “I’m following you, so you have to follow me back now!” My reply to this is simple. No, I don’t. If you want to follow me,please feel free to, but I am under no obligation to follow anyone back because they have decided that in their world that everyone they follow must follow them back. Again if you want to follow me I would hope it’s because you find my tweets something that you want to read, not just because your trying to become the next biggest person being followed on twitter! This will not get you a follow back. At least not by me.

8. The “I’ll pressure you to follow me cause I am so great to follow!” methed: This is simply stroking your ego and most likely if I did follow you, from your ranting on why I should follow you, you would most likely never reply to messages to anything anyway and you were just collecting followers. In my book is like trying to build your own personal cult. This most of the time, will not get you a follow either.

9. The “You have X followers and I have more than you!” argument: Listen, if you have more followers thats all well and fine. I’m not trying to compete against you, I am only competing against myself. Again I want to provide good content to the people who are following me and if by following you will provide me with more content, then you might get a follow back from me, but only AFTER I look at your time line. I will mention here that I do work odd hours and if I say I will look at your timeline to see what kind of tweets you have to see if they are interesting, I will look back on your tweets quite a ways and see if what you tweet about is useful to me and my followers. If they aren’t, you will not get a follow from me. If they are, then you will. However, I will need time to look at them. Again if I say I will look at them rest assured they will be. If I forget to, nicely ask me if I had or not, but don’t try to pressure me to look at them that exact moment, especially if it’s late at night. (My time zone, not yours) I do have a life outside of twitter and that has to take precedence. So all I ask is that you not throw a temper tantrum and decide to block me just because I didn’t give in to your demand to follow you right away. You might get a follow. If you block me before I have a chance to look at your timeline then the loss is yours, not mine.

10. Threats: So far I have only had this happen once, but I will NOT tollerate threats of violence from ANYONE! PERIOD! If you message me and ask for a follow and I give you this page to look at and then start saying stuff like “If I was XYZ person in your life, I would beat you!” This will not only guarantee you NOT to get a follow, but blocked and reported! I take threats like this very serious and my life and that of my family is very important to me and I will not take them lightly. Would you follow back because someone started saying threatening things to you?  I most likely would think not!


7 Responses to “Why I don’t follow everyone back on Twitter”

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  2. When people do not respond to their tweets, it sours the tweeting experience. I always try to read all the tweets that I receive & also respond to them. It’s so much fun when you find a fellow tweeter that you have something in common with & strike up a mutual rapport. I have always enjoyed your tweets & love chatting with you. Your news related tweets are both insightful & informative and you have always been a wealth of information for me. Thanks for the delicious soysauce burger recipe that you gave me when we first met, the tips for my gyros search, your help when my email got hacked, all your tech advice, hooking me up with DropBox & the old V, inviting me to PCSmackdown & T2C, and for all our wonderful discussions on FlashForward and so much more. Tweeters like you are what make TwitterWorld golden! You’re one of my favorite tweeters & bloggers! Tweet on my friend – I am so glad to have met ya! 🙂


  3. This is a very nice and justifiable article on a type of Twitter etiquette that not only works best for you, but also works for me as well. I take the same steps in how I follow people. My biggest thing, too, is engage in conversation and not follow for the sake of following. I actually like being social and talking to people 🙂

  4. Nice job on the blog update! It’s appalling that someone resorted to threats in hopes that u would follow them. Worst tactic ever! I appreciate it when people actually respond to their tweets. It’s really about the quality of followers rather than the quantity of followers. Keep up the excellent tweets on the news articles! I really enjoy that! 🙂

  5. Wow totally agree with you!!

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  7. Hey Romi,
    I have to say that we’re guilty of auto scheduling and stuff but even when we didn’t there’s no one really appealing anyone on Twitter. I’ve put up personal stuff on my Twitter and it’s like talking to a wall really and I’m not the only one.

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