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Archive for April 2010

Your money is no good here!

April 22, 2010

Recently I had gone with a friend to go pay on a bill they have with our state government. We had stopped at a bank to get the necessary funds for this, and when they attempted to pay this state agency, they refused it.  Why might you ask that a state run agency refuse a […]

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And the results are in!

April 21, 2010

As a few of you out there have been wondering what the results of all the tests I had told you about that I had to take the last few weeks, the doctors have come to one in escapable conclusion.  And sadly it was the results I expected them to be.  That they were again […]

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All wired up and with no place to go

April 6, 2010

Today I had and at the time I am writing this currently at the Dr’s office getting brain scanned. Well sort of….. Right now they have me connected up to a bunch of wires hanging out of my head like metal braids stringing about. Basically it called an EEG, which is short for a much […]

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Kids then, kids now…

April 1, 2010

I got this in an email, recently and being some one that is over 30, I found a lot of this home and just very funny so I thought I would share it with everyone without having to do a Forward on my email. Hope you all enjoy! I would like to thank whoever originally […]

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